Sunday, 23 April 2017

My petite story

Growing up I never felt self conscious about my height, until I reached adulthood, and had to learn the hard way,of how important your clothing choices were in regards to the impression you made, and the way people treated you.

At my little primary school in Chelsea , I was one of the smallest in my class, and that didn't really change much when I moved on to my secondary school in Richmond, but this time not only was I one of the smallest in my class, I also became one of the smallest in my year!. As the years rolled on my classmates shot up in height, and most of the boys towered over me, which meant I was often picked up and carried around unexpectedly at random times of the day.
At this point buying clothes was easy and enjoyable, as I could shop in the teenage sections of the high street stores, and keep up with the current fashion trends.
It wasn't until my first year at beauty college, where finding clothes to fit started to become a struggle.
For starters the smallest size of the uniform we had to wear was miles to big, luckily for me my Nan was good at alterations.
When my friends started to shop more in womenswear, I still needed to shop in the children's sections, but the clothing on offer didn't really reflect my changing image, and what was in fashion at the time, plus I found it to be quite immature looking.  Buying clothes that didn't fit became the norm, but thankfully my Nan was on hand to fix whatever needed to be done in order for me to look presentable.
                                                    OH THATS WHY

Towards the end of my first year at college, I began to feel tired all the time ,falling asleep in the day, and my weight had dropped below six stone, and worst of all I began losing a lot of hair.

After some blood tests ordered by my GP, I found myself booked  in for an emergency MRI  scan on a Sunday morning. At the time, though I didn't know it , the doctors were looking for a tumor on my pituitary gland, which thankfully I didn't have, but after some further tests I was later diagnosed with the endocrine disorder "Growth hormone deficiency".  Without boring you with the medical terms , everything to to with growth is affected including my height, and so within a couple of days of my 17th birthday I started injecting with growth hormone every night. At first I was a bit wary about starting it, until I read that in Hollywood it is haled as the elixir of youth, and beauty companies have been trying to get it into their beauty products for years, but as yet it only works in injection form, and is only safe for people to take who lack this particular hormone. After a few months of taking it, my energy levels, and skin had improved along with some healthy weight gain, and my hair was also showing signs of improvement as well.
Growth hormone deficiency, if caught early enough,enables the patient to reach their genetic height, or even more. The famous footballer Lionel Messi was diagnosed at the age of 11 and  has gone on to be rated as one of the top footballers. Even though my diagnoses had been made quite late, mainly because the women in my family are all round 5.2 , so for me being short didn't really seem  like anything out of  the norm, but even so, I have still manage to get a small  increase in my height just scraping 4ft11, and who knows, I could reach my predicted height of 5ft.1, as I will remain on growth hormone until my endocrinologist decides its time to stop.

                                               PETITE GIRL IN A BIG WORLD

While recovering, and getting use to my  new diagnoses, and side effects it came with, I went back to college. first studying art and design, then onto a two year specialist make-up course at West Thames College, which was amazing. After finishing my national diploma, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do ,so I began volunteering at my local oxfam boutique in Chelsea, where not only did I develop a passion for fashion ,but I also developed an addiction to shopping in charity shops, as I do love a good bargain.

It wasn't long before I got my first proper job at Laura Ashley on the iconic kings road.

Each season we had to wear the clothing collection as our uniform, and even though they went down to a size 8 ,you've guessed it, they were too big, so each time I had to get them altered to fit, but that wasn't to be my main problem.
At first I chose clothing that I would normally go for ie , really cute dresses that were a fit and flare sort of style, but because of my height and baby face I didn't realise that they made me look about 12 , and so the customers treated me as such. Customers were really rude, they did not want to deal with me, or want my opinion or help, and would often ask to speak to someone else instead. At the time I didn't  think they were treating me like this because of how I appeared,  I just thought wow, these customers are really tough!. Then a new collection came in and we had to choose which items we wanted as our uniform for the season ahead, this time, just by chance, I chose more mature, smart classy dresses, that were fitted in style, and these also showed off my figure.
From the first day I wore them I couldn't believe the changes in peoples reaction to me. The customers started treating me totally different ,like I was a different person , they were now asking me for my opinion and advice, and often asked me to show them where the dress was, that I was wearing!.I even had customers asking for me personally,and a couple of them even brought me cakes, and on one occasion a customer asked me to consider working for them at their concession store within Harrods.
 Some of you may say," oh you probably just got better at your job", but no, as when I reverted back to the old style of dresses, the rudeness from the customers returned also, which made me feel self conscious about my height, so from that point I only chose the sophisticated dresses to wear, which gave me an added confidence boost, and also enabled me to do my job properly.

Of course this effected  my clothing choices I made outside of work as well, and here too I found people reacted to me differently.
Now when out shopping I always keep this in mind when deciding on a new purchase ,it maybe a super cute item , but its not worth it, if I end up feeling rubbish in it, and I've also learnt to steer clear of the fashion trends that don't suit the petite frame, but every so often, I do give in to temptation,  as I am only young after all, and hopefully have a life time of looking mature, but at least I have learnt that if I want to be taken seriously, and treated as an adult clothing choices are crucial.

I have learnt to embrace my height, and turn it into a positive when people try and use it to put me down, plus its a good excuse for my massive shoe collection, as you can never have too many high heels I say!


Thursday, 30 March 2017

Boost oxygen beauty

Initially  when I first reviewed boost oxygen beauty*, I was so pleased with how it helped with my headaches and anxiety I was experiencing, that I wanted to do a post about it, so to let everyone know, just so anyone suffering from the same thing could maybe benefit from using it also, which meant I didn't give boost oxygen beauty a proper beauty review that it here it is

My mum has forever drummed into me the importance of skincare and to ward off the effects of premature aging from as young as possible, she herself started at the age of sixteen after her auntie told her not to wait around for fine lines and wrinkles to appear before thinking about skincare and the aging process, as prevention is key!
I always remember  my mum and auntie trying out the latest beauty trends, treatments, supplements and lotions, from swallowing spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar or brewing up a cup of black-strap molasses, which smelt like she had scraped some old tar of the road, all in the name of holding back the years to stay forever young... well roll on twenty years or so, and other family members who were doubtful that all their efforts would make any difference can now see for themselves, as both my mum and auntie look a lot younger then their actual age.

 so for me it was a no brainer to follow in my mum and aunties footsteps keeping an eye out for any products that were going to help me in my health and well being and of course my skin.

When I brought boost oxygen beauty home you can imagine my mums eyes nearly popped out of her head, but as we started reading up about the benefits of oxygen for your skin, the realisation that we had overlooked the effects of pollution on the skin was sinking in.
We have had many conversations on how smoking/alcohol and the sun effects our skin, but never even thought about how pollution was effecting it too, you only have to look at the amount of dirt that comes of your face at the end of the day onto your cleansing pad, which makes you think how much of that dirt/pollution are we inhaling and what effects is it having on us and our skin.
It turns out all the microscopic specks of pollutants in the atmosphere created from traffic, construction sites and other pollutants end up sitting on our skin and getting into the deep layers through the pores causing inflammation and dehydration, which breaks down our precious collagen, which accelerates the aging process.

The beauty industry are constantly introducing new ways to deliver oxygen to the skin ,only really available in spa environments, but now boost oxygen have introduced boost oxygen beauty you can have the benefits of oxygen in the convenience of your own home or while on the move, as their cans of 98% pure oxygen are totally portable , boost beauty is infused with the organic essential aroma of frankincense and pink grapefruit, which is so refreshing!

 I've been using boost oxygen beauty for just over three months now and absolutely love it! when I first started using it I didn't think I was going to see a difference, as its working from within, but now three months later my skin tone has definitely improved.

Just like sun damage you cant see the effects that pollution has on your skin straight away , but just like my sunscreen, supplements and moisturiser, boost oxygen beauty is something I will continue to use in my daily fight to delay the aging process.

                                                                                 *This has been a collaboration with 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Vitamins I take and why

I am one of these people who were lead to believe that you could get all your daily vitamins and nutrients from the food that we eat, but unfortunately the quality of our food has deteriorated so much since the 1920s that taking vitamin supplements is essential to maintain your natural health and well-being.
I  had wanted to take vitamin supplements long before I actually started, but every time I walked into a health food store I didn't know where to begin. The sales advisers would bombard me with all this information that just confused me even more, plus I always felt they were trying to push a certain brand of vitamin on me to buy, and as these vitamins are quite expensive!,  I did not want to waste my money buying the wrong thing, so I would always ended up just leaving .
Then five years ago I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder, and acquired a team of doctors who have been looking after me ever since. The doctors main aim was to treat the condition, but they also prescribed some supplements for me to take to ensure my overall health after a blood test came back urgent on almost everything:/. I now take a lot! of supplements everyday, and I have seen the benefits for myself.
 The results have also prompted  family and friends to ask what supplements I take, so in this post I am only going to mention the ones that I get asked about the most, as the others are specific to my health conditions. 

                                                                              Vitamin D-3
After my poor blood test results I was given a vitamin D injection straight away, as my D count was so low. This however wears off over time, but as we were approaching the summer months my doctor told me to just sit out in the morning sun for about 15-20 mins x3 a week ,so to get some natural vitamin D. However that particular year our summer was a complete wash out!. Knowing that my vitamin D level was dropping, and my appointment was not for another few months, I went to wholefoods, and was told this vitamin D3 £14.99 was really good. I started taking the directed 2 drops a day, and at my follow up appointment  my doctor thought I had been given another vitamin D injection, as my blood results were so good!. Ever since then I take this supplement only in the winter months, and try and sit out in the morning sun from April to September. I was giving this to protect and build my bones, but it also helped with regaining my hair health,and my skin appearance improved. You can find out more about vitamin d here:

                                                Liquid iron
Next I was prescribed iron tablets, which I took for quite a few months, but I wasn't getting any where, so my doctor switched me onto a liquid iron, which was prescription only( cant remember the name)but it done the trick, and my blood results were back up in the good range. when I no longer needed the prescribed iron supplement, I brought floradix liquid iron £10.09 to maintain my iron levels. My low iron results where one of the main causes of my thinning hair and fatigue that I was experiencing, and since taking the floradix, with the added B vitamins(which I will cover in the B12 boost spray) I have not had any more problems with my iron levels.
The main benefits I experienced was increased energy and regrowth of hair that I had presovously loss.If your like me and don't eat loads of red meat, and dark green veg then getting your iron levels checked is worth doing. To find out more about the benefits of taking an iron supplement click here:

Because I had seen such great results just by taking the two previous supplements I was hooked, and thought I would like to take a multivitamin to cover a multitude of areas. I was advised by my nutritionist that bio care are a good quality brand and purchased their vitasorb multivitamins £11.99.
This is one of those supplements you don't realise is doing anything until you stop taking it. On a couple of occasions I went to buy it , it was sold out, so I ended up buying another mutli vitamin instead, but just wasn't as effective. The main thing I notice when taking this is the speed of how everything grows, which can be annoying having to keep plucking your eyebrows and shaving your legs every five minutes, but I do enjoy the lovely long nails I get, even though I don't look after them :/.
When  choosing a multi vitamin you have to get the right one for your age and needs.You can click here for more information:

                                                 Vitamin B-12
After a conversation with a nurse about celebrities getting vitamin b shots and snaps of them hooked up to a drip to get a quick energy boost read article here : Vitamin drip celeb craze.
she suggested this B12 boost spray which also contains chromium and green tea extract, which is great for an energy boost £10.00 from most health food stores. I love it, and it tastes great. I carry this around in my handbag, and when I am feeling tired I pump a couple of sprays under my tongue. I don't know why I feel better taking this I just do. This is a supplement I don't like to run out off, as the more energy I have the more exercise I am likely to do, which keeps my fitness levels up, plus combined with the B vitamins in the liquid iron the results on my  hair has been incredible, which my trichologist (hair doctor) explains why here:


Omega 3 fish oil                                                    
After being diagnose with SVT  (supraventricular tachycardia) I started taking omega 3 fish oils due to its benefits on the heart, and got a healthy glow to my skin and glossy hair in the bargain.
It has a great taste not fishy at all, with a hint of lemon ,
which I take once a day. when it comes to fish oil you get what you pay for, so if your planning on taking a fish oil do your research, and choose a good one. Eskimo pure omega-3 fish oil £31.00 which I purchased from the Revital store is one of the best.
Between each bottle I have a four week break and concentrate on eating oily fish, avocado's, nuts and seeds. 
If you fancy a read on the beauty benefits of fish oils click here: 

With all the debate over whether its worth taking vitamin supplements, all I can say is that I feel and look much better when I am taking them. I have regular blood tests,and am monitored by my doctor. I don't recommend people taking a supplement they don't need, but If you are considering starting some new supplements I hope this post has helped a little, but its wise to check with your doctor first, especially if you are already on medication, pregnant ,or planing to become pregnant due to side effects and interactions between some vitamins and medications. 
                                                                                              Stay healthy! :)


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pamper Night! with Artifact Skin Co.

The weekend isn't the weekend without fitting in a pamper night!.
Taking some time out for yourself , treating your skin, hair and nails to some TLC is a must!
For my last few pampers nights I've been trying out some new products that were kindly sent to me from Artifact skin co.

Now lets just take a moment to admired their beautiful packaging! 
when these arrived at my door I knew my skin was in for a real treat. 

The masques come in glass jars, which I much prefer using to a sachet or tube, encased in cute tub like container,each accompanied by a small spatula that you use to remove the masque from the jar, rather then using your fingers. Artifact skin co also recommend using a brush to apply your masks, as a brush helps to spread the mask more evenly, plus you don't end up using as much. The masque brush is sold separately on their website.

My skin type is normal/dry, that can be sensitive at times. so I tried out the masques that would work best for my skin.
I started off by applying the Tahitian Vanilla Moni Masque, which is a softening and repairing masque recommended for normal/dry skin.

The best way I can describe this mask, is that it works in a similar way to the clay type masks that I've used before,that draw out the impurity's as it dries, but the big difference with this artifact mask is that it has a buttercream like texture to it, which once washed off ensures the skin is left feeling hydrated and super soft rather the dry.
This is probably down to the lush ingredients of mango butter and coconut milk, along with the noni fruit and marshmellow root that all work together to help restore your skins natural moisture level.

As I washed off the mask I noticed there were tiny pieces within the mask, which gently exfoliated dead skin cells away,  my skin was left feeling super smooth, but  hydrated as well.
 Normally after I have used a face mask Im scrambling around looking for my moisturiser, as my skin feels dried out, but not with this mask! it was a real treat for my skin.

Next I applied the Egyptian honey rose hydration radiance masque. suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This mask is a great follow up to the previous masque, as it
 was like applying a moisturiser made of creamy honey to my face. It smells divine! and was instantly soothing to my skin.

 The creamy texture was down to the ingredients of raw honey with traces of bee pollen, along with almond oil and juice from the aloe vera leaf.
The effects of the raw honey will brighten and even out your skin tone, and once I rinsed the masque away my skin felt and look noticeably improved, glowing infact!

The artifact skin co have also developed masques and balms for your lips, again all containing natural  ingredients. I'm already carrying the Mint clementine lip balm  around in my make up bag, which you can see in my post called "Whats in my summer make up bag".

After finishing with the face masks I moved onto the lip mask called Honey citrus & root.
containing honey, avocado oil, shea butter and marshmallow root extract.
This lip mask can be left on over night if your suffering from extremely dry lips for an extra deep conditioning treatment.
Once you have rubbed off  the mask, your lips are left feeling really smooth and sooo moisturised that there is no need for any additional lip balm.

Atifact skin co, prides themselves on  producing high quality natural skincare products, specialising in facial masques, that cater to every skin type. Their products are all handmade with carefully selected ingredients to ensure they deliver the help that your skin needs in the best natural way.

Having had the pleasure of trying out these products there is no way I can go back to using the masks I was using before. The quality of these products shine through and I can see the difference in  how my skin looks and feels after using them. 
If you would like to get your hands on these fabulous masques to see the results for yourself, !
their products are now stocked here in the UK at the Conran shop in Chelsea & Marylebone in London
 or you can check out their website here:

Twitter - @artifactskinco

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Boost oxygen

Well well well look who's back doing a bit of blogging, its only little old me!

I think April 2016 was the last time I actually bothered with a blog post, as I just lost all enthusiasm.
I found it became a bit of a chore and all the enjoyment was sucked right out of it, plus in June I took on some additional work ,which I wasn't expecting, it just happened and of course me being me a good old bout of illness meant I didn't feel like doing anything! especially taking blog pics, any motivation had packed up and left my body and did not return until around mid December, but the time lapse did  make me realise that I actually quite like blogging and want to continue to write the occasional blog post, so here I am yay!

So I thought I would start off with a review of a Christmas present I bought for my brother, its a kind of one for you ,one for me scenario .
By the way my brother is lucky I even got him anything for Christmas, because earlier in the year he used my body brush to clean his football boots! yes his blooming football boots! and if I'm not roped in to helping him pump up 40 plus footballs, my tv programs I'm watching can suddenly switch over to football matches, I could go on but you get the picture ...
so when it came to finding him a present for Christmas I wanted to find something that suited his sporty obsessed lifestyle, so when I found boost oxygen I knew it would be perfect. 

Boost oxygen has 5 choices of 95% pure portable canned oxygen infused with organic essential oil including pink grape, peppermint, menthol-eucalyptus or natural and boost beauty, I opted to buy him  the peppermint one as this seemed to be the one to go for to enhance physical activity and performance.
 The more I started reading the more I wanted one too!

So of course I chose boost beauty , as I may only be 25 years old but anything that helps to slow down the aging process and make your skin look better I'm going try it! hee hee
Its said that the oxygen simulates the bodies natural healing function, as its an anti -inflammatory, which stimulates collagen production. Boost oxygen say the use of the oxygen can help to combat the effect of air pollution on the skin that causes wrinkles and premature ageing. 
I have been using it for almost a month now, I don't know if it has made a differences to my skin, but I do feel better when I take it,and I'm not so fatigued, but that blast of pure oxygen itself just feels really refreshing.
What I can tell you is when I have a headache and then take a few breathes of this my head is a lot clearer, so much so I checked back on their website to see if there was any mention of its effect on headaches and sure enough people who suffer with migraine use these to help when they have a migraine attack.
Also if you have been following me for a while you will know I had a heart ablation 3 years ago for my svts, because of living with svts (supraventricular tachycardia) I have always suffered with anxiety, since the op the anxiety got better because the op cured me of svts but sometimes in the evening if its quiet and I'm over thinking stuff the anxiety creeps in and then I feel stuffy and feel like I can't breathe , my doc just says to breathe into a paper bag , well this is my modern day paper bag , I take a couple of breaths and hold and I can honestly say the moment passes, so if this is something that you suffer from I highly recommend the boost oxygen for fellow anxiety sufferers.
 I'm nearly at the end of this can I will definitely be getting another one, but this time I'm going to try the menthol-eucalyptus one, as I like the sound of the soothing effects it has on the nervous system !

Poppy Chanelle